Encyclia trachycarpa Encyclia spatella

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Vallarta Botanical Gardens
A nonprofit development just a few miles south of Puerto Vallarta
Open every day except Monday.
A great place to spend the day and enjoy the wonders of Nature.
Vallarta Botanical Gardens

XPlanta is an Ethno-Botanical Garden and
Micro-Propagation Laboratory in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Visit this site for up-to-date information on classes, plant sales, etc.

An online catalog of the different species of Cactus found around the world.
There are over 1800 different species of Cactus. This site has over 775 of them
and has over 2000 photos online. Worth visiting if you have an interest in Cacti.

Club Amigos de las Orquídeas
Located in Madrid, Spain, this is the oldest orchid club in Spain

Types of Orchids: A Visual Compendium
A Compendium of American Orchids